Bricks to Rails: LEGO Train Festival

The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, which is in my hometown is holding a summer long exhibit called “BUILD! The Amazing World of LEGO”. On August 3rd and 4th CoWLUG was asked to do a train display. So we did. They thought we would do a small layout with a track and some buildings. But if you know LEGO groups, we went all out. There were 3 rail lines, tunnels, a city scape, a carnival, western themes on the plateau, musical festival seemed to happen in the display as well. Just under 2000 people wandered through for the weekend. I even had my camera car filming.

From set-up to tear down.

Here’s the video. I would have liked to have gotten a better shot of the city by angling the camera a few degrees, but I’d be hitting the tunnel entrances. It happens.

The Longmont Museum: Build! LEGO Exhibition

CoWLUG: Colorado & Wyoming LEGO Users Group

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