What is my memory? Well it starts on the 10th. I was living in Spokane Washington and the football season was begining. Being a Denver Bronco fan I was really excited that I was going to be able to see a game with out having to go to a bar and hope they had the game on. It was a Monday night game against the New York Giants. I think the Broncos won the game, but Ed McCaffery got knocked out and I think he was done for the season. I went to bed a few hours after the game was over.

When I woke up aboot 12 probably, I didn’t turn on the tv or have the radio on. Spokane has the worst tv in the afternoons and the radio is hit or miss. So I went downstairs and did some work on my car. I needed to replace the heater core, nothing like a sticky mist spraying on the window, and coolant oozing out the drain under the car. The parts store was on the way to work. So I figured I just stop by. It took me 45 minutes to get to work if traffic wasn’t sucking.

I stopped off at NAPA, which was the best autoparts store ever, the regional distribution center was located there so they always had the parts I needed. I pull up front and noticed the flag was at half mast. When I got inside it was quiet. Lots of people as usual but no one was talking. It was something I noticed, but didn’t think of anything. I got my heater core and left.

Traffic wasn’t busy at all. Kind of unusual for the time of day. I get to work normally an hour early, when working nights I’d eat before shift. There was a few people and they were all in the bar. Shawn Sandoval comes running up to me yelling, “Can you believe this?” I had no clue. He pointed to the TVs. I was stunned at the scenes being shown. They seemed like a movie, at the time I was seeing movies 3 times a week. I watched the news with everyone until it was time for work.

Chilis was packed that night. Lots of people in large groups came in. We were really busy. But no one seemed to mind. Guests didn’t care if we were a bit slow getting food out of the kitchen. Servers and cooks got along. Then there was a cook who was from Nashville who got a taste of my mood. Like I said it was busy and he went on a rant about, “how all these people are coming to Chilis to celebrate the attacks…” I sure there was some other things said. I responded for him to shut the hell up, and these people are here to be with friends and family. He didn’t say much the rest of the night.

I got home around my usual time, 2am. Took a shower and watched the news. At the time I could only get local channels so for 24 hours, nearly 7 days was all 9-11 related. I think after a couple of days of nothing but this on tv, I was glad Letterman came on. I was glad the WWF did their Thursday show. It was a break from the neverending coverage. With so much coverage of it, I grew numb from it. The impact lessened. The final thing that struck me was the Chilis I worked at was frachised at the time, informed their restaurants not to put up any flags or patriotic in the building. Right after the attacks being patriotic was okay, but lets not offend anyone.

A few days later, I hung my 6×10 foot flag off my balconey and watched a country unite.

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