I’ve been thinking about putting up the original comics for the 153rd which was called “Freedom Fighters”, a totally G.I. Joe ripoff. I was 13 at the time and my drawing skills were more on the less refined stage. In all, I think there are 45 comics including the big graphic novel. There were 5 series which were almost planned out. By the time series 5 came along, the tone was set and the drawings were getting better. Still didn’t have that pesky story telling down. All the covers are at the end of this article from issue #1 to the “Zehnn Doctrine” graphic novel, which is the updated version done in 2006 based on the original.

I’ve tried to scan the comics several times using 3 different scanners I’ve owned over the years, still wish I had the first one. The pages are old, tattered, and begining to yellow. They now are kept in acid free holders. These were pencil drawn with pens and markers coloring them for the first 3 issues I think. These are the hardest to get scanned, the other side of the page can be seen. I’ve managed to get them tolerable, but time has made it difficult. Then there’s the 13 year old’s handwriting that is plain hard to read when it was new. Spelling is dodgey. And it’s faded a bit because it’s penciled. The stories are hard to follow, which I’m glad to say is common amongst 13 year olds.

There are younger comickers associated with the BCN, where their comics are hard to follow, make no sense, and I just don’t get, but people in the same age group get them and like them. I heard the same things when I was 13, so I understand. Experiance as you grow up solve a lot of those story issues. It’s part of life. I was 19 when I finished the graphic novel. A misunderstanding with my parents caused me to give up drawing for years.

I did keep the story going in my head, and eventually I began the novel format of the comic. I can say with honesty, I really don’t like them. Yes them, there are 2 books. The 2nd is better, writing skills improved a lot. The novel “Genuine Draft”, yes it’s where the old name came from, is my literary masterpiece. I learned how to develop characters, and tell a story without pictures. But it all started with a poorly crafted comic by a 13 year old.

The Freedom Fighter Cover Gallery

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