Okay, if you are reading this you know that I’ve changed the name of the comic. The reason is simple, Genuine Draft was a story set in the universe, it was never intended to be the main title. I didn’t like the orignal name of the comic which is how it became Genuine Draft. I’ve been thinking aboot a re-branding since late summer of 2010. I’m still working on a direction for the comic. Something different, yet keeping it the same. The main storylines will continue. Burgatory, The 153rd, Bob’s adventures, and the single comics.

Why Dreamers Ink? Simple, it’s the web address. 10 or 11 years ago, I bought the domain DreamersInk.com to start a web design business. Dreamers Ink was the name I used when doing graphic arts for people. It started in 1995 or 1996 when I got my first Mac, scanner, printer, and copy of Photoshop. I did small stuff like logos and letter heads. It paid for my internet access.

I went to school to learn how to make web sites and fix computers. When I was about to graduate, I bought the domain Dreamersink.com and put together a site. I made a few contacts then the internet bubble collapsed and the big firms that didn’t do single pages, family, church, or small sites found themselves needing business and they went from sending the small stuff to independant designers to taking anything they could get. I was out of business with in 6 months.

I decided to keep the domain and use it for whatever I fancy. It’s hosted my other creations under the JMS Entertainment name for many years, it’s still here somewhere. Once I got in to comicking again, I used it to show the world. After thinking about it, I figured Dreamers Ink was a suitable name for the comic.

But what about the comic? It will still be brick based, I may show the old Life Is A SitCom strips that happens to be what Bob and Burgatory are based on. The biggest, noticable difference will be the update schedule. Instead of daily updates, the comic will get a single update. Right now it will be on Wednesdays, with the weekends for the single panel. The thought behind this has to do with the longform comics I tend to do. Currently I do 3 panel comics 5 days a week. The new single page will be 15 panels 1 day a week. Same amount of comics, just less days. This should help make the longform comics easier to follow. I plan on converting all the older comics to this new format eventually…

I have some new ideas for the comic as well. I’m just not sure how I can get it to work. Just keep reading.

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