I am a user of Bricklink.com, in fact it was a few days ago I recieved my most recent purchase from a store owner. I don’t remember how I found Bricklink, most likely through a forum, I was glad I did. I haven’t wasted money on eBay since. Being able to compare prices from various independent sellers is a great way to shop for those little must have parts.

Today there was an “Important Announcement” noted at the top of the page. I clicked the link and found out that Daniel Jezek died. I had heard of him and that he was the founder of Bricklink, but really didn’t know much about him. But he’s helped many fans of the little plastic bricks make dreams come true. I thank him for his creation of Bricklink. A pioneer in web based business, in my opinion, that made getting those parts needed to finish the perfect build much easier.

Danile Jezek 1977-2010

To read the announcement from his family, please go here.

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