That’s right, Year-3 begins on October 14th. What awesome stuff will be coming up? Well the current “Unlubricated Anal Probing” storyline goes for quite awhile, to give you an idea I am writing this post on 9-30-2010, where the boys are camping. Which officially is at the begining of the UAP storyline. I have enough of the story filmed to get it in to January 2011. And it’s not done being written. I was originally planning on having it done being produced by now. Possibly even being further along. I ran in to some problems with the story. So I had to put together some plan-b comics. If you’re a regular reader you could figure those out. Once I got the story figured out I went on a building and writing binge.

What does the rest of Year-3 have in store? Honestly I don’t know. I know the Raven Hunter will get an origin story. Shadoe will be rejoining the 153rd. Angie will have some of her story told with the rest of her band Roxberi. Samson will fight some more. Capricorn will be featured. SAS will have some ‘splaining to do. And Bob will have a good day. Of course all of this may change when I put on the ipod and sit down in front of a computer to write all of this down. I have a lot of building to do as well. New sets for the 153rd, CIA, and the Boys are in the works. A tip for comickers, stick with a small world, large ones require many places to be used.

What special events will there be for the comic’s celebration? Nothing really. After the 1st anniversary failure, I won’t be doing anything special for it. Just another day. Just this little notice that it’s coming up. I did rebuild my comic template. It’s easier for me to use now, better organized. Added Year-3 to it! Well that’s it for now.

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