Yes I use the term, stuff, a lot. Always have I think. Anywho, I’ve been pouring through 2 Terabytes of harddrives trying to find sosme of my old comics that haven’t be messed with. Little success. It seems as if I managed to not keep a high res version of much stuff. I want to start at the begining basically and eventually have every comic I have online. It will be done by date of original publication. So the first one would be in 1984 and the rest of non-Genuine Draft would be either 2005 or 2006 depending on where it’s stored at. Much of it is poorly done. I was 13 when I started what would become Genuine Draft. About the only modifications I would do, is make them readable. I hand lettered them and they were in pencil, which has faded a bit. I can correct for the yellowing rather easy now thanks to something in Photoshop I use. I have a few comics that I tried to redo, but my digital inking wasn’t very good, still isn’t really.

The Life Is A SitCom strips, which are the foundation for the Burgatory stories in Genuine Draft will be put up as unaltered. I just need to convert them in to the Comic Press date format. Which shouldn’t be too bad concidering that there are only 141 of them, I had to do over 350 of Genuine Draft twice, (I used the wrong labeling format). It’s really easy, I take a spread sheet and use the auto-fil to make the date in the correct format. Copy paste in to the title of the comic and presto, it’s done. I use a Wacom tablet to help out, it keeps the pain down from the track ball.

I hope I can find the files I need, really don’t want to re-scan everything, again. I’ll keep everyone notified when I get this going.

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