Hi my name is Siabur (cyber), and I am a LEGO-Holic! Now I’ve known I have had a problem for a few years now. I’ve also known that it’s my addiction, there are several forums where in my sig is “LEGO is my addictions of choice, can you please spare a brick?” I’ve been spending a lot of time recently attempting to organize my storage and building space. It’s limited simply because I have to share it. I get half of the room, and the other person gets the rest. Recently we have begun to merge spaces. My stuff in hers, hers in mine. And I also had no idea what I had or where it was at.

My organization worked fine until I began to aquire again in the spring of 2010. I’ve always picked up a small set when I’m out somewhere that has them. Many are duplicates, “It’s for the comic.” the only excuse I give anymore. I have about 20 of these $12 and under sets in boxes waiting to be assembled. I assemble most sets I have, unless it’s a parts or mini-fig purchase. I had more but I went in to a building binge which coensided with my purchase binge. That’s what caused the problem. I bought a lot of stuff on sale, clearance, or with gift cards. My current enjoyment is to the LEGO store when they have stuff I want in the Pick-A-Brick racks. I average 2 cups with $150 worth of LEGO each time (price compared to LEGO.com PAB prices).

My recent purchases include, 6 Space-Police 3 sets, I have all but 2 of the series. I have all of the Kingdom’s main sets, don’t have the army builder sets. I’ve picked up all but 3 of the Toy Story sets, including a Duplo set. Then there’s Prince of Persia, all of them. And the CITY sets. They’ve added quite a bit of stuff I want and have aquired it, trains…

Space-Police sets are built, so are the Prince of Persia and Toy Story. Kingdoms, only 30%. Haven’t touched the castle yet. City, nothing’s built, yet. So in all I have aboot 32 set’s lying around in their boxes waiting for me to build them. And I know a trip to the LEGO store is coming soon. It’s a reward for my to-do list. I’ve been given a name of a guy who can get me stuff… I’m also going to see if I can drop off some BCN promo stuff as well. I need that fix. I need it now. Of course I could just build with the brick I have, but I need to get the comic stuff done first.

Join me as we battle our addiction. Or just let it out for the world to know.
Here are a few pics of some of the sets I have built recently or purchased and need to build.

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