One of my favorite comics I read is called, “How Sweet It Is” by Scott A. Jenkins, known better by Jynksie. Durring a break in sorting the lego, at the time sorting the greebles and misc technic stuff which are a bunch of small stuff which is really boring a pain really. Anywhoo. I was moving around the 7079 Drawbridge Defense
7079 Drawbridge Defense
And I decided to do an idea that’s been sitting in my brain for a few months. Jynksie’s house was surrounded by water this past spring and he kept referring to it as his moat, the pics he posted were very accurate to his description. So I rummaged through my minifig heads and found one that was close to Hodge, the main character in his comic. I have about a dozen of these heads which is why it was chosen, a bit of brasso to remove some unwanted printing and the sharpie to darken the beard all was good. Blasphemy I know. Not the first time I modified a minifig and it won’t be the last!
So this is the comic that ensued. Click to view full size.

How Sweet It Is - The Guest Strip

How Sweet It Is made in LEGO.

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