I’m the envy of many children. I have more brick than most of the kids my family brings over. They know it’s in the house. They know where. They know they can’t touch. I buy it I get to play with it. I do have an assortment of brick purchased from garage sales that I let them use. Minifigs are the basic city ones that I have a bunch of. But that’s not the problem.

I’ve mentioned on The BCN, that I am out of space. And I’ve resisted purchases for a while, picking up the ocassional small set for the minifigs and vehicles. Then I went on a splurge, my addiction couldn’t be helped. Everything was on sale or I used some gift cards. I’ve resisted breaking down a lot of the sets. I can’t do it. But I have to. No room. So I’ve emptied the room where it’s stored. I’ve rearranged it and added many, many, many new storage drawers. One of the few things I buy at walmart is the storage stuff. And being that it’s back to school season, there are a lot of stuff on sale. I’m also in the process of filming a huge storyline. So it’s a disaster right now. I also have a ton of stuff in storage.

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