I was looking for things to do a gallery in WordPress. Then I was on Frumph.net seeing if Phil was around to offer suggestions. He wasn’t there on his chat. For those who use ComicPress, Phil (frumph) is one of the developers and is really helpful in getting things going. He helped me when I messed up the site. So searching around his site I came across an article about using the Gallery built into WordPress. So I tried the gallery and was impressed with how it works. Played with it and will be using it quite a bit.

So what content did I make with it? To answer that question, you need to mouse over the Extra Stuff button on the main menu and look for Guest Comics and Crusades. These galleries are the first of many I’m sure I’ll build. I’m going to have to add a page to contain them all as well. This looks to be the way I will do my cast pages. That could be some work.

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