I’ve been a good boy by not buying a bunch of LEGO. I pick up sets here and there, mostly the $10 minifig builder type of sets. Then I hit the stores with money in hand and an urge to quell. Also known as my addiction. I haven’t bought a bunch of large sets. Then I found Prince of Persia No.7573 The Battle of Alamut on sale for $59 at Toys R Us. I was in Ft.Collins Colorado on my way to meet David Adams from Slightly Off Topic comic, for dinner while he was in the state. So it was a good day.

Then while on a visit to Target, it’s two blocks away from where I work and on the way home, I found Space Police No.5974 Galactic Enforcer on sale as a replacement for another set they were sold out of for $69, $30 off the reg price. I also grabbed a few other sets. I hit TRU a few months later and got 9 sets, I love their Buy One Get One 50% off. I did have a problem when the expensive set I bought, was the SP: Police Central and the 50% off was the farmer with the pig impulse set. Yeah I had words. After that was worked out, I got the impulse set free, I went home and did a build. And build, and build. With sets I had already purchased, 14 sets were built.

Of course a trip to the LEGO store was in order, this was due to my completion of the bathroom remodel. Actually didn’t spend as much as expected. I picked up the following sets, 7936 Level Crossing and 7937 Train Station, a minifig collection that was on sale, a SW: Magnet set with Princess Lea and Admiral Akbar, and finally 2 cups of Pick-A-Brick which for $30 contained $130 worth of LEGO if you bought off the LEGO.com website. Good times. I haven’t build the train sets, yet.

And the day before I wrote this I added the following Toy Story3 sets to my collection, 7789 Lotso’s Dumptruck and 7597 Western Train Chase. I wanted the train, I like trains I have 3 LEGO trains now, and the Dumptruck, it was okay. I really wanted REX, he’s my favorite character from TS.

Now with all the stuff I have to RE-organize the LEGO room. It’s full. I wasn’t planning on this much stuff, but with some changes in work, I’m getting more hours and with overtime, more LEGO funds. Now on to building.

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