After work today I stopped off at Target to do a little shopping. My need to satisfy my brick craving was overwhelming. So I found a few sets, I picked up Galactic Enforcer (on sale) and some small Kingdoms and World Racers sets. I also picked a few items for the bathroom remodel. So I went to the check out line and waited. For some reason at 4 in the afternoon they only have 2 checkers. Anyway, the lady in front of me was loading things on to the conveyer belt. She noticed the boxes of assorted LEGO products and asked if they were for my son. I snickered a bit and told her they were for me, these were my vice I said. I also mentioned I’ve bought some for my Grand Niece on occasion. She smiled and said she could never buy “Boys Toys” for her girls. I was stunned.

I just stood there not saying anything. Over the years I’ve learned not to blurt out the first thing on the top of my head. She paid for her stuff and left. The checker is an older lady whom I’ve chatted with aboot LEGO for a while, she buys them for her grandkids, said to me, “I bet she’ll be the first one to argue that if a boy has a Barbie it’s okay.” I agreed. Paid for the goods and left.

I got to thinking that LEGO products aren’t gender specific. Granted boys are more likely to build stuff and battle the forces of evil, than girls. Girls could have the princess saving the knight from the dragon, with more female minifigs being made there really isn’t a single theme that is only limited to boys. LEGO could learn that instead of making pink girly toys that they should just include girls into the general marketing. I know a few girls who work on cars, build stuff, are police, and one that makes a LEGO comic, I’m sure there are more in the AFOL community but it’s really not one I spend much time in.

So when buying a LEGO set for your son, nephew, father, brother, uncle, you should pick one up for your daughter, sister, niece, aunt, anyone really. And make sure they are age appropriate. I will take some of the Duplo Cars stuff, Mater’s just cute.

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