Why is LEGO evil? Well the answer is simple, they make cool stuff I want to buy. Sure I have an easier time staying away from the cool stuff Apple makes, I’m a Mac guy and proud of it which could be a different post. Anywho, I recently traveled via the internet to LEGO.com and I also get their email newsletter, and found they’ve begun selling a bunch of new stuff. I’d have known aboot this earlier but I’ve been spending time do a bathroom remodel.

First there is Kingdoms, the new castle line which breaks away from the fantasy line which I loved. Then there’s World Racers, which I had not heard of until I went to the site. This holds promise for some stuff that would work with in the comic. Then the traditional City theme has a new airport, trainstation, and pig farm. Space Police, Atlantis, Power Miners all have some cool stuff. Even the licensed themes have some new stuff. I really like the Toy Story sets, Prince of Persia was a nice suprise, Star Wars is hit and miss with me. I’m looking forward to the new Harry Potter line.

I have no space to store anything too big, I stick with the small stuff. and those are starting to pile up. So I have to minimize my purchases and dream aboot the largest space to build and make comics.

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