Okay, I’m not a big supporter of holidays. But this is a good one. We celebrate those who for 9 months or there about, carried us in their bellies. We caused them stretch marks, the inability to hold down food, give them the need to pee at inconvienient times, and allow them to enjoy the occasional breaking of the wind. All of this is paid back by the force feeding of brussel sprouts, making us go to school, and of course making us clean our rooms. The last one, I’ve won the fight.

They also eat cold food, take care of us when we don’t feel well, put us in our place when we do stoopid things. Mom’s are the ones who sacrifice to make sure I don’t kill myself when the roof, skateboard, and an idea don’t mix well. Mom’s also have the ability no matter how old you are to use what I call, “The mothers tone.” you know it’s that tone in her voice that makes you fall in line and do as instructed. Seriously, I’m 30something and it still affects me. It’s used more often when I’m being told to fix her computer cuz she can’t remember what her passwords are.

Any ways, to my Mother, your Mother, and to anyone who you have called or concider a Mother, Happy Mother’s Day. And yes I did take out the trash, brush my teeth, and fix your computer.

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