The May 7th comic is going to be late for a few reasons.
1- I didn’t manage my time better. Been a messed up few weeks.
2- I wasn’t expecting the house to still have people in it. I was expecting them to be gone for the summer 2-3 weeks ago. And when they didn’t leave then, I switched from the planned and scripted comics to simpler random and smaller scoped comics. I’m out of those and with them still here I had to move a few storylines around to make for simpler comicking.
3- With the May 7th comic, running behind, I decided since it’s a new storyline to go ahead and move up the change in Genuine Draft’s comic look. I haven’t planned on anything fancy, just trying to see if I like it for print.

So it will be up soon, most likely in a few hours. It could be worse, a hiatus… And there’s a potential for that happening in the future.

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