Good Morning,

As obvious as it is, I haven’t updated in a few weeks. So the question is why? A valid question. So here’s an answer. When I went on my hiatus, my Father was just put in to the hospital for what was supposed to be a short stay while treating his lungs. He never came home. I was devestated. I lost interest in making comics. Other life things happened and I just couldn’t do anything anymore. Depression. Whooo! Being that I’m a LEGO fan for more than just comicking, I focused on that. I belong to a LEGO Users Group called CoWLUG and it got me out of the house, I’m no longer socially awkward around people, don’t mind being around them either. But comicking is on the back burner. My LEGO collection has quadrupled, one of my depression signs is spending money on things just to have them. So LEGO it was. I don’t have access to my studio because of this, to much shit piled on it.

I do want to make more comics, It’s just not easy getting thoughts from brain, to completion. I have continued plotting stories and don’t worry about ideas, just getting the desire to script is the hard part.

One of these days, I will make more comics. I don’t know when. I have worked on redoing the first few years by getting them formatted and color corrected, oh and spelling errors taken care of. So I might re-run the comics from the begining, including the non-PC ones.


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