It was a lovely show up in Estes Park. The trip up the canyons were quite distracting after last summer’s flooding. CoWLUG put together a pretty cool display featuring a western section with a Spanish style village, a wooden fort, Bents Fort from Southern Colorado, an Indian village with casino, a western style town complete with large mechanical spider attacking it, and a mountain with rebel and Imperial troops having a snowball fight. The main city featured several layers of buildings from small 2 story buildings with a row of skyscapers behind them. Many of “The LEGO Movie” sets were positioned around to create a scene or two from the movie. I built an amusement park that had the rides and Monorail hooked up to push buttons to activate the motors and let kids of all ages play. Between the modern city and western lands was a steampunk/Victorian style setting. The buildings were awesome, and the houses perfect.

I took a lot of pictures and made a few videos of everything from and over view and a ride on the rails.

To see the gallery (232 pics), click here! No Here! Ha ha ha. You clicked here!

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