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The BCN is here to announce our next contest! Build a vehicle for the series 2 collectable minifigs. The new collectable minifigs are cool but they need something to get around in. Your task is to build them a vehicle, any kind of vehicle as long as it represents the minifig. For offical rules and […]

One of my favorite comics I read is called, “How Sweet It Is” by Scott A. Jenkins, known better by Jynksie. Durring a break in sorting the lego, at the time sorting the greebles and misc technic stuff which are a bunch of small stuff which is really boring a pain really. Anywhoo. I was […]

I was looking for things to do a gallery in WordPress. Then I was on seeing if Phil was around to offer suggestions. He wasn’t there on his chat. For those who use ComicPress, Phil (frumph) is one of the developers and is really helpful in getting things going. He helped me when I […]

I’ve been a good boy by not buying a bunch of LEGO. I pick up sets here and there, mostly the $10 minifig builder type of sets. Then I hit the stores with money in hand and an urge to quell. Also known as my addiction. I haven’t bought a bunch of large sets. Then […]

After work today I stopped off at Target to do a little shopping. My need to satisfy my brick craving was overwhelming. So I found a few sets, I picked up Galactic Enforcer (on sale) and some small Kingdoms and World Racers sets. I also picked a few items for the bathroom remodel. So I […]

Don’t mind the mess. Just playing around with a few things. So the looks may change frequently as I try something new. It all works the same and the comic shouldn’t be affected unless I really screw something and need some assistance to fix it.

Why is LEGO evil? Well the answer is simple, they make cool stuff I want to buy. Sure I have an easier time staying away from the cool stuff Apple makes, I’m a Mac guy and proud of it which could be a different post. Anywho, I recently traveled via the internet to and […]

Genuine Draft is going to have a few changes in content. Don’t worry it’s nothing drastic. I’ve been tinkering with a second comic using some panels from the comic and just creating misc pics with whatever parts and figs laying around. I was originally going to launch it as a second comic alongside Genuine Draft. […]

Okay, I’m not a big supporter of holidays. But this is a good one. We celebrate those who for 9 months or there about, carried us in their bellies. We caused them stretch marks, the inability to hold down food, give them the need to pee at inconvienient times, and allow them to enjoy the […]

The May 7th comic is going to be late for a few reasons. 1- I didn’t manage my time better. Been a messed up few weeks. 2- I wasn’t expecting the house to still have people in it.

Hello all and thanks for coming. I’ve done a bit of redecorating as you can tell. I’ve switched from LiteDoodle to WordPress and Comicpress. It’s been a bit of trial and error over 6 months of playing. It wasn’t until the 1st of April that I decided after literally killing WP/CP twice in which I […]

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