New Burgatory Diner SetBehind The Scenes: Burgatory

One of the things I’ve wanted to do was build a new Burgatory Diner set. The previous incarnations were built from the orignal design. I wanted to increase the wall heights, increase the detai on the equipment, and to make it more filming friendly. Like previous versions, all walls are removable to make filming easier.

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Another thing that pushed me to rebuild the set, was to make it work with the buildings that are used in CoWLUG displays. It’s not Cafe Corner standard, the only standards used are the four stud set backs which are a LUG standard for all buildings, and my own recent comic set standards which are at least 2 walls removable, and a minimum of 8 bricks high for the walls.

I also have added 2 stories to it. It’s a theatre set for the comic. It has a stage and rigging for various things as plays, concerts, and with an adjustment, movies. The stage and seating are removable to allow for different things to go on. Also the space could be emptied and used for other set needs.

The empty lot next door will be a bar for the cast to interact at. The second story will contain the rest of the theatre set. Which includes a snack bar, concessions, box office. It has potential to be used for other things as well. Just need to figure out the designs for both buildings.

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